• Professional and modern

Improve your outdated web design

Let me improve your website into a new and modern coat. In addition to professional features such as animations, sliders, web icons get now an essential optimization for mobile phones and tablets, which will be appreciated by today's younger generation, but also by Google who takes you higher in pagerank.

Look how it worked on www.outletqualiposten.ch or mz-pt.ch

Your Shop will be ready within 24 hours

Tommorow you can sell on the Internet with help of the freely available e-commerce system PrestaShop . I'll adjust your e-shop according to your needs and i will train you to the system administration.

There are sites running Prestashop : www.outletqualiposten.ch or young mother's site www.pohovak.cz

Frontoffice and backoffice programming

I am a programmer and i can modify your website according to your needs. I respect the principle that everything can be done , it depends on the time it takes.

For over 10 years I deal with programming websites and have experience with the adjustment of frontoffice, backoffice, graphics, links to product catalogs, data import and export and many other features that customers have requested.


My experiences

Over 10 years I create and modify websites and make web design . In the past I worked as a PHP programmer for larger companies. I formed eg. corporate website adjustments administration (backoffice) connection for e-shop portals, intranet applications for ordering processing requirements, data import and export, and many further orders.

By now I work as a freelancer and I use professional graphics templates to create awesome appearance of pages with modern web design and i can offer any functionality of the site and at much lower prices than ordinary businesses.